April 22, 2015

In honor of Earth Day we wanted to share a few brands we love that feature sustainable designs. They prove you don’t have to sacrifice style to be environmentally friendly.

1. Potigy: These magnetic cactus and succulent planters are not just tiny, adorable and perfect for breaking the monotony of usual refrigerator magnets. Founders Philip and Lucas are dedicated to promoting sustainability in their community by using a recycled paper/concrete mix and collecting litter from parks and trails to re-purpose as molds. Potigy makes their awesome planters in all shapes and sizes, see more on their website.

2. Triple Z Threadz is Limbo’s brother brand (like a weird brother who makes slightly inappropriate jokes at family dinner) of upcycled vintage pearl snap shirts. Each shirt is hand picked, then embroidered locally using Eco-friendly Sakura rayon thread. 20 billion pounds of clothing is thrown away each year in the United States, which means buying Triple Z Threadz saves a shirt from dying a cold, lonely death in a landfill.

3. Proof Eyewear was founded by third generation sawmill owners whose love of working with wood spawned the idea behind their sustainable eyewear. They make high quality products built to last from sustainable and recycled sources. Their wood comes from certified sustainable forests and their plastic is 100% biodegradable Eco-Acetate, made using a renewable resource-cotton. Proof is teaming up with 1Face watches for an awesome Earth day giveaway, check it out here.

4. Inkkas are cool, colorful and comfortable sneakers, handmade by artisans in Peru. We appreciate Inkkas’ similar business values- caring for the environment and artisan communities. They enact their values of “fair-trade, philanthropy and authenticity” directly through product sales using the “One-for-One” business model. In 2013, they launched the OneShoeOneTree™ project to help reforest the world and support local populations in developing countries at the same time. They now plant a tree for every product they sell through their partnership with the non-profit organization Trees for the Future. Their success is proof you can produce ethically made goods with a positive global impact.