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Collaborating with you in an imaginative process is to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Custom Design
Custom Design Custom Design

Custom Design

From a custom engagement ring to transforming your family heirloom to a contemporary piece of art, we listen to your ideas and guide you through the design process in respect to your style.

Our modern aesthetic, experience and process are at the forefront, but it is our communication with you that is most important. As with all of our work, we utilize environmentally sound practices and ethically sourced materials throughout the process.

  1. SLIGHT CHANGES TO EXISTING LIMBO DESIGNS: If you want a slight variation of our existing designs, the deposit/fee is **$50. Please complete this form with the applicable information.
  2. FULL CUSTOM DESIGN: We begin the process with an initial consultation. During this consultation you will be able to set a budget, discuss materials and inspirations & set a timeline. Your initial consultation requires a *$400 deposit*, applicable to the final total once the project is complete.
  3. Next, we will create illustrations for your initial review and/or approval. These illustrations give you an idea of where the general direction of the concept is headed (usually 2-3 designs). After the illustrations are presented a final round of revisions is executed.
  4. Once the final images have been approved and the remaining deposit has been paid, we create a 3d file that allows you to see a remarkably life-like "virtual" rendering.
  5. Your rendering is then 3D-printed in casting wax. This is a model for you to feel and try on. This is an exact replica of your finished product, this cutting edge process allows you to experience your piece before it is done with a remarkably life-like prototype.
  6. In the completion stage, a custom final fitting, (unless it is a surprise) and confirmation of a final approval occurs.

The custom design process can take 2-4 months. All custom pieces are final sale, no returns or refunds will be issued.

See our custom work on Instagram! @LimboJewely

*This $400 deposit is both a consultation fee and a minimum budget required for custom designs

**This $50 deposit/fee is charged If you want a slight variation of our existing designs. 

Custom Design Order Form

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