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1708 South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas, 78704, 512 994 6878

Edson Enriquez and Anne Rutt-Enriquez, the owners of Austin retailers  Limbo Jewelry and Triple Z Threadz, announced today that they are opening their new location on March 2nd in the former Co-Star space at 1708 S Congress Avenue. The new store sits just down the street from their current locations at 1606 and 1604 South Congress. The duo secured the new spot after losing their leases due to the Covid-19 related shutdowns and subsequent economic downturn.  The new 3400 square feet space allows them to house both brands in a collective retail environment while still maintaining their Domain NORTHSIDE Limbo location, which opened in 2017. 

In March of 2020, Limbo was awarded the “Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation of the Year'' by The Austin Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  Then the bottom dropped out.  “One week we were accepting this incredible award and the next we had to lay off all 35 of our employees, including ourselves.  We, like most small business owners, were fearful that we might not make it,” said owner Anne Rutt-Enriquez.  “We feel like after working hard to rebuild and survive since reopening in May,  we are fortunate to not only launch this new location after this past year of hardship and uncertainty but to do so in a way that unifies our brands under one roof,” Rutt-Enriquez said. 

As you enter the new location, you’ll notice a distinctive split down the middle, giving each of the two brands their own side of the space. Austin’s celebrated neon light artist, Evan Voyles, of the Neon Jungle, has created art installation-like features that will aid in wayfinding throughout the store.  Shoppers familiar with the brands can expect to find items they have come to know and love from Limbo, Triple Z, and the local artisans whose creative artistry and humorous points of view align with their vision.

As visitors explore the shop, they will also find some new additions: a DIY plant wall; mirrors with reflective messaging; and a secret shopping room that will be hidden from obvious view and will feature a rotating selection of Limbo and Triple Z Threadz limited edition items and other surprises.  Out back, there is a welcoming outdoor lounge area where, when restrictions are lifted, they hope to host parties and events. “There will be plenty of photo-op worthy interior touches created by Austin craftsman, Jonathan Sievert, said Edson Enriquez.  “We really want this space to be more than just a shopping experience; we want people to engage with the space and have fun.”