4 Reasons Handmade Gifts Mean More

October 24, 2016

#1 Quality:

Quality is defined as - a high level of value or excellence. To achieve the highest attainable quality, handmade products are typically created with an immense amount of time and skill. ‘Big businesses’ tend to utilize mass production processes that enables them to increase yield at a rapid rate - purely with the goal of driving revenue. Small brands and makers, however, tend to be in business because they love what they do and have a passion for sharing the quality of their work. At Limbo Jewelry the goal is to produce with the highest quality materials and processes. Limbo believes the instant classic feel of the jewelry designs will stand the test of time in durability and style.

#2 Uniqueness:

This may be an obvious one as handmade pieces are never identical. Each and every piece will host it’s own unique characteristics, such as variations in colors, textures, and shapes. You all know you like things that make you feel special. You like VIP tickets, an invite to a private party, a handwritten card from a lover, or a secret menu item. By giving or receiving handmade items you are able to tap into similar emotions by simply understanding the valuable time, effort, and love that was put into every piece. It means a lot knowing someone put in the effort to make you feel special, right? Well, when you buy something from a maker/artist you are investing in more than an object, but rather a journey - you’re essentially helping support months, days, or maybe even decades of experimentation, alterations, frustrations and surely - pleasure!

#3 Sustainable Processes:

Do you care about the environment? Do you understand that big business/mass production is depleting many or our natural resources? Well if you care, you will appreciate that work done by hand demands far less energy and resources resulting in supporting longer term ecological balance. Quite simply, makers require a much smaller scale of production resulting in much less waste and pollution than a large manufacturer that is typically producing “cheap” jewelry. With dedication to leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible, the Limbo line uses recycled and sustainably sourced materials, environmentally friendly packaging and is virtually a paperless company.

#4 Culture:

The story behind a handmade product/brand is very likely a direct representation of a specific culture or even a marriage of several. Typically, makers create items that are meaningful to them and directly inspired by their heritage. By doing so, the maker is providing you as a consumer a very authentic product and buying experience - one that isn’t typically emulated when buying a mass produced item. In fact - Limbo’s designer, Edson, was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico where he has found a great deal of creative energy. “Fueling” Edson’s brain is half the fun as he and his wife Anne often travel to find inspiration in the immersion of different cultures.