October 26, 2015

When we first heard the term “slow fashion”, it was a definite sign we were on the right track. Coined in 2007 by Kate Fletcher from the UK-based Centre for Sustainable Fashion, the slow fashion concept is all about high-quality products that are Eco-friendly and have a positive community impact. It is a statement against the profit-driven excesses of the current hyper-industrialized fashion industry and instead champions small, independent businesses that sustain local economies.

For Limbo, it all came together perfectly because we were already part of the slow fashion movement, we just didn’t have a name for it. Anne and Edson, the husband and wife duo behind Limbo, have been locally producing handmade modern jewelry using high quality materials since 2005. Our precious metals are sourced from mines in the United States and anything leftover is always recycled.

Instead of chasing trends and being subject to their rapid turnover, Edson’s design aesthetic finds timeless inspiration in the structural lines of modern architecture, organic shapes, and traveling through Mexico, his home country. “Shapes and forms are beautiful already.” says Edson, “My job as a designer is to simply enhance and present them in the right way.” His use of clean lines, combined with empty spaces gives Limbo Jewelry a sense of lightness and simplicity that is classic, yet completely modern.

When Limbo Jewelry grew out of our humble pop-up shop on South Congress, our philosophy was not sacrificed for success. We continue to make business decisions with a dedication to sustainability, quality and our community in mind. Tempting as it may be to drive up profit margins by outsourcing production to places like China, we are dedicated to manufacturing locally and creating jobs in our community. We are lucky to have found a home to grow among like minded businesses owners and customers who see the value in this movement.

As the slow fashion movement continues to grow in the United States, more small, independent designers who manufacture domestically and emphasize quality over quantity, have been able to build successful businesses. Large companies have started to take notice and offer conscious consumers more environmentally friendly options, some even opting to feature independent brands in their stores and emphasizing the value of USA made products. This resurgence in domestic and quality made goods is undoubtedly an important factor in our economic recovery since 2008.

For Limbo Jewelry and the like-minded artisans we carry, slow fashion is not just a trendy buzzword. It’s a philosophy we truly believe in. We are glad people have begun to take notice of the positive economic and community impact of supporting local businesses. It has allowed us to grow and flourish as part of the South Congress business community in Austin, Texas.