Are You On Bumble?

November 19, 2016

Good choice. Bumble and Limbo have a lot in common - we empower women, have exactly what you need for your first date, and we are both headquartered in Austin, TX. We know y’all have varying tastes when it comes to fashion and dating - but the one thing y’all clearly care about is quality.

Bumble was created with the goal of providing a more enjoyable dating experience that promotes honesty, diversity, and happiness. Limbo was created with inspirations of different cultures providing versatility, durability and style. If you’re still reading this I assume you care about all of these important qualities & perhaps, are currently dating?

Today we wanted share with you our top Limbo design choices for your first date! We want you to walk in with confidence, poise, and perfect jewelry. Check out the links below based on your personal style.

For the Edgy/Rocker Chick

For the Classic/Chic Woman

For the Urban/Hipster Gal

When you land your second date - we have jewelry for that!

Embrace diversity and demand respect.