How to Recreate Classic Style Icons' Looks for Halloween

October 12, 2017

As Halloween approaches, we’re gaga over the infinite amount of costume possibilities, from our favorite edgy pop stars to the classic style icons who revolutionized the world of fashion.

But no one likes to drop a paycheck on a Halloween costume, just to have it sit in their closet collecting dust until they give in and donate it to the nearest Goodwill years down the road. Which is exactly why we’ve showcased how you can piece together a classic style icon costume based on what’s in your closet, and clothes you’ll actually wear again!


Let’s get groovy. Twiggy, the iconic, androgynous, flower power style icon, made strides with her mod-styled, brightly-colored get ups. To recreate the model’s popular style, buy some giant press on eyelashes, slick back your pixie cut, and throw on the brightest floral print you have in your closet. For an added Twiggy flair, sport platform go-go boots and fun, funky, giant earrings. Try nailing her unique British accent for extra commitment points.

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While you might not be super familiar with Josephine Baker’s work, you’ve seen her style idolized and replicated, most recently by Rihanna at the CFDA Fashion Awards. LEGENDARY. To replicate the incredible actress’ groundbreaking style, throw on anything sparkling and sequined, accompanied by faux fur. Josephine was known for her bold fashion choices, wearing huge accessories, glittery, glamorous pieces, and her infectious, goofy smile. Think flapper dress decked with half a dozen pearl necklaces and so much highlighter on your face, satellites can spot you from the moon.

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When recreating the Supremest of Them All, Miss Diana Diva Ross, think big and bold. You can’t do too much when achieving this look: big hair, loud outfit, and LOTS of personality! The Queen Supreme loves her outfits flashy and shimmering with gold. Tuck some feather in unexpected places, tease your hair as high as the sky, and wear earrings as big as your hands. Consider learning the lyrics to “I’m Coming Out” for when you’re asked to give your best impression.

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What made Bettie Page iconic isn’t so much what she wore, but how she wore it. The Queen of Pin Up made statements with risque, fearless, and fun fashion choices - including sporting a leopard print bikini while modeling next to two leopards. Her stylish bangs, prominent brows, and bold lip color were always part of her get up. Wear as little or as much as you want - she did it both ways, and dominated the room no matter what she was wearing. And don’t forget to strike a pose.

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To channel the legendary blues singer, all you need is your curviest dress and a trip to the nearest craft store. Grab a giant tropical flower, hot glue it to a bobby pin or clip, and you’re halfway there! Billie loved her big, bold accessories, including dangling, hoop earrings and glamorous makeup, complete with penciled in brows and a bright red lip color. Walk the night humming “I’ll Be Seeing You,” and consider taking your pooch with you to the Halloween party, just like Billie would.

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Whoever your style icon is, chances are you can piece together an homage to them from whatever’s in your closet. If not, shop our vision boards and let us know how your costume turns out! Tag us in your photo so we can share your beautiful faces. Have a safe and happy Halloween.