If You've Experienced Chicago - You Will Agree.

October 12, 2016

When visiting new places and exploring new spaces it is easy to be inspired by well executed architectural pieces of work. The complexity of planning, designing, and constructing buildings is intriguing. Architecture is a process that demands a meticulous and thoughtful execution.

If you’ve had the chance, get the chance, or are fortunate enough to frequent Chicago, take full advantage of the incredible views. From Lake Shore Drive to Michigan Ave and all the way down to Chinatown, you will witness beautifully designed and inspired architecture - both old and new. Take the time to appreciate each peak, corner and crevice of these beautifully executed buildings. Let yourself welcome how shadows are cast and highlights are exposed from dusk til dawn. The city offers a great blend of contemporary, classic, refined, and rustic.

Chicago has many nicknames including: “The Windy City”, “The Second City” and “Chitown” but after you experience maybe you’ll agree on the nickname “The City of Architecture”. Architecture has the ability to not only capture your eye - but with the finest realization it can truly apprehend all of your senses, even taste.

If you’re a fan of Limbo Jewelry you may have noticed by the clean lines and shapes that the designs are largely inspired by architecture - some specifically related to Chicago’s skyline.

In fact, Limbo Jewelry Designer, Edson, pays such close attention to his surroundings that he is able to translate shadows and reflections from jewelry to skin.

“I am trying to prove a point with my work. Shapes, forms, and basic design principles are beautiful already, We as designers do not need to add or drastically transform them, our job is to simply enhance and present them the right way.” -Edson Enriquez