Thursday is our new favorite day, here's why:

August 25, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to read this! We urge you to read the entire post. No matter how you came across our site, whether it was via social media, search engine, or you just stumbled here, we are happy to have you. We mean it.

Life can get incredibly hectic, overwhelming, and sometimes hard to manage all on your own. Life can be a cluster of quick encounters, lost connections, and sometimes lifelong commitments. In this crazy fast-paced world we often times crave connectedness, even with strangers (eg. Tinder). Along the way, however, it seems that the most simple courtesies have gotten lost in the rush and convenience of today’s world.

For the vast majority of us, we are guilty of being attached to our smart phones, laptops, and other tech devices while being detached from genuine human interaction. Are you texting while checking out at the market as the cashier politely bags your groceries? Do you rush through held doors while chatting on your phone, without acknowledgment? Do you remember all of the people that have helped you get to this very moment? Those who have cooked your meals? Housed you? Held your hand? Think about it.

The goal of this post is not to drag you down, pass blame, or to preach, instead we hope to simply express the importance of generosity and gratitude.

Sure, throughout the past several days, months and even years we have all said a number of “thank yous” to valets, doormen, and waitresses. Those expressions are very important and definitely don’t go unnoticed. With each “thank you” you are making someone feel appreciated and in most cases, motivated.

We also tend to forget about those who are closest to us and rather than appreciating kind gestures, we expect them. Of course we are grateful. Are we showing it? And how?

True appreciation and generosity should always be genuine and specific. All of this is why we have recently launched #ThankYouThursday on our social media outlets. We are making a better effort at appreciating, respecting and loving those around us that have a positive influence on our lives, our business, and the world. We decided rather than thumbing a text, typing an email, or dialing a quick call, we wanted to step back a couple decades by sending handwritten cards, and we urge you to join us!

Each week (Thursday) we will be mailing a fun, creative, and thoughtful card to someone who has made an impression on our lives. We know that it is impossible for us to reach each and every person through our efforts but we are excited to get started!

Always remember that positivity is infectious.

Join us!



The Limbo Team