Treat Yourself - It's Self Care Awareness Month!

September 24, 2017

If there’s one thing 2017 has taught us thus far, it’s that self care isn’t just helpful, it’s essential. Whether you make time for mani-pedis with your best friends, binge watch old Grey’s Anatomy episodes while curled up under four comforters, or dedicate an entire day to basking in the sun at Barton Springs, we all need to prioritize taking care of ourselves to survive life in this unpredictable world.

In honor of Self Care Awareness Month, we’ve put together the lovely ways we treat ourselves throughout the day, along with our fave self-love promoting brands, which you can shop right now in store! <3

  1. Burn candles! Studies show that soothing scents, such as lavender and eucalyptus, are helpful with treating depression and keeping your mood stable. That’s why we keep our Slow North candles burning. Available in relaxing scents like eucalyptus + lavender, grapefruit + spearmint, and rosemary + lemon, there’s no shortage of amazing, calming scents from which to choose. Plus, there’s hand-poured right here in Austin!
  2. Wear perfume! In a similar fashion to burning candles, it’s been noted that wearing perfume can help uplift your mood, increase focus, and help you stay relaxed. We’re thrilled to carry the West Third Brand line of perfume in our shop, including fragrances like Smoked Sandalwood, combining sandalwood, cedarwood, clove, basil, and rose to keep you smelling fresh and staying calm. Best of all, their entire line is handcrafted just outside of Austin.
  3. Care for a tiny succulent! Plants are adorable, cleansing creatures, so, naturally, they actually help make us feel better. One of our sister brands, Potigy, keeps the cuteness eco-friendly by creating succulent pots out of recycled materials. You can snag one of these succubabes in our shop or online!
  4. Curl up with something warm and fuzzy! Is there anything more comforting than laying down with a fuzzy blanket while reading a book or watching TV? Even in the midst of the Texas heat, when the AC is blasting, it’s perfectly acceptable to curl up and veg out. The Danish actually have a term for this splendid feeling - hygge, acknowledging when when a moment feels cozy or special. Snag a Hygge Life throw blanket in our shop to live the coziest life 24/7.
  5. Treat yourself (or someone else)! The best way to kick the Monday blues? Shopping spree! Stop by our shop any day of the week to treat yourself to amazing, locally designed, handmade jewelry. And it’s never too early to stock up on gifts for friends for Christmas!

Whether you choose to lounge in bed all day, spend some time outside in your garden, or people watch on the wacky, weird streets of Austin, remember to do what’s best for your own mental and physical health, and take care of yourself. You are loved!